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Bison Management Corporation (BMC) is a licensed, privately-owned recruitment and placement company based in Manila, Philippines. Since 1983, BMC has successfully deployed many highly-qualified Filipino professionals, skilled workers and non-skilled workforce through out the world - in neighboring Asian countries, Middle East, Europe, USA and its territories.

Confidence in the versatility and industry of the Filipinos and the desire to uplift the lives of their families, are the very foundations of our organization. Our quality assurance is borne by our appreciation of the importance of a systematic program of selection and placement of human resources allowing us to get down to the vital details of our clients' manpower demands and letting us customize our services to each of the clients' needs.

Commitment to quality service and responsive professionalism are Bison's brand of service.

For more than twenty years of innovative management, unwavering faith in the people, a deep sense of integrity and solid dedication to excellence, Bison is even more committed to delivering world class productivity and quality service to its clients.


To manage the business with the spirit of responsible stewardship and professionalism.

To align the business of Bison Management Corporation with national goals aiming not only for adequate profit and growth but also for contribution to national development and economic prosperity.

To commit and pledge the company's resource to a continued quest for service excellence.


We shall seek to set the standard for excellence, leadership and integrity in the overseas employment industry, in all our endeavors, by providing services that meets our clients expectations in terms of quality, quantity, timeless and cost. We shall pursue business, which we can be a leader, based on one or more of our strengths.

By doing right thing and by determining the kind of organization that we want to be, establishing priorities and the appropriate business mix, deciding on the scope of our operations, timing our major and important moves, we shall put energy providing ever better quality and value to those we serve.

By pursuing this, we shall be the leading customer-focused company in the International Staffing Industry.

Our Team

Belen M. Al-Humayed

General Manager

Bison believes that the success of any enterprise chiefly depends on the ability and efficiency of the people in their roles. The workers who were employed thru a systematic choice and placement system in jobs best-suited to their capabilities are more likely to succeed in their jobs. The firm stands for higher output, lower labor costs, fewer labor troubles and greater profits.

Ms. Annabelle T. Commendador

Operations Manager


I started in Bison 23 years ago where we only had 4 staff who dealt with the applicant, employers and government offices. This became my 2nd family. They treat me like a sister, we are open with each other where we can help each other, learn with each other and share each other's feeling. I learned a lot in this businesss specially in recruitment. From 4 employees to 40 employees, that is one of the Bison's biggest achivement. I am happy and very proud that I am part of this business. A business that until now is open to help more people.


Since you are partner in our business , your so important to us. You continously support us and give us more business and good relationship in Bison not only in business but also in personal matters.


Applicants is the most important person in our business. Serving the applicants better all the time is the goal of our business. We can't live without applicant but the applicant can live without us.

Ms. Sharon “Shai” L. Posadas

Recruitment Manager


WOW! Time flies… Never thought I will stay in BMC this long, nor I will love working with the people around me because of differences and difficulties in adjustments before. But THANKS GOD, we are ONE now and I really LOVE them all! ;’) It was indeed a great opportunity working with BMC, which I consider now as my 2nd home and 2nd family. In here, I can work with so much passion, confidence and no pretentions at all… With BMC, I did able to upgrade the level of my customer service, patience and professionalism. Though, it’s really hard to deal with this kind of business, because we’re not selling any goods or items, our product here is HUMAN, whom we really don’t have control over their minds, all things became a “nuts” because of the support from the Management and Staff. I’m looking forward for more blessings and expansion for BMC! Long Live and More Power!!!


We consider you as partners and members of our family as well, thus, YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO US! Rest assured that we won’t stop finding ways to improve our services and not only to SATISFY, but to FULFILL your needs.


You are our customers, and we believe that all customers shall be treated as “KING”. Serving you is our job and making your life progressive and easy, is our reward.

Ms. Lilia S. Traviña

Processing Manager

Bison Management Corporation

(BMC) has been a part of our lives and became a family to us for so many years. We were given opportunity to extend our services to our fellowmen to reach their dreams to provide enough food and quality education for their children. BMC has never been tired of helping and doing little things to others and those little things occupies the biggest part of our heart.

A great mentor, dedicated staff and the continuous upgrading & technology advancement for a systematic management is one of the reason why BMC has been in the business for more than 20 years and remains as one of the most outstanding international placement agency in the Philippines. We are proud to say that with the Automated Recruitment Information System, BMC is equipped with a system to source hundreds and thousands of workers that will be screened for the clients requirements.

Commitment to quality service and responsive professionalism are Bison’s brand of service.

Ms. Regina S. San Juan

Business Development Officer

The first time I have ever worked in the Manpower Placement and would like to express my gratefulness to BISON Management for the opportunity given to me to explore the challenging world of Recruitment Industry, where I was given a free hand to deal directly with our foreign clients. The motivation and support I received has made me more confident in my business interactions with the people from all walks of life…..

To our valued clients

working with you is always an enriching experience and we hope to have long term association, rest assured that BISON team will continually find ways to serve you better…..

Our Applicants

will always play an important part of our day to day operations and as we promised, we shall bridge people to a better life and will do our best effort to find greener pastures for them and their families….

Ms. Jennifer R. Pacete

Marketing Head

Bison works with the largest clients in private and public sectors around the globe and everyday we handle hundreds of career opportunities, from entry level positions to head of the department, a strong attestation of three decades of service to Filipinos and foreign clients ensuring equal opportunity to employment and promoting safer workplace conditions. Bison doesn’t stop here… we continue finding ways to serve you better…


1. Applicants submit credentials.

2. Recruitment Officer RO) and the appropriate Technical   Evaluator (TE) conducts preliminary Interview, intensive evaluation and skill test.

3. Encode new CV’s in the BMC Data Base Management System.

4. Applicants undergo trade test, psychological test, others test (If necessary).

5. Recruitment Officer conducts background verification on the candidates.

6. Recruitment Officer prepares shortlist of pre-qualified applicants.

7. Recruitment Officer submits initial shortlist to the Foreign Principal.

8. Foreign Employer forwards final shortlist of applicants to the Recruitment Officer.

9. Preliminary orientation is given to applicants for the final interview.

10.Employer conducts final interview.

11.Employment offer is made to successful candidates.

12.Candidates obtain their passport, NBI clearance and other documents.

13.Candidates undergo medical examination.

14.Visa stamping at the embassy.

15.POEA processing.

16.Booking of flight.

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